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Music Biz & Banter

A cross-genre, business-focused meetup group open to any type of musician or music influencer in Milwaukee area.
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Founded in 2019

The MB&B mission is to strengthen the administrative, organizational and networking skills of the average working musician – so that we as a community can improve our efficiency, maximize our income streams and thus, improve our creative output.

Let’s get connected, learn from and inspire each other, and continue to invigorate the Milwaukee area’s thriving music scene!

The best way to get involved – including event specifics – is through the MB&B page on Put together a free profile, set notification/reminder preferences, and RSVP for events there.

The Events

Breakfast, Biz & Banter
A Peer-to-Peer, Round Table Discussion
  • BB&Bs are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month, at 8:30 AM.
  • A topic has been pre-selected. Bring along your ideas, experience and questions on said topic. Let’s learn from each other!
  • Location: Whole Foods in Wauwatosa, 11100 W. Burleigh Street.
Lunch & Lit
A Book Review/Discussion Group
  • L&Ls are typically held on the fourth Friday of each month, at noon.
  • A book on music and/or business will have been pre-selected. MB&B organizer Allison will always have read the book, will talk about five valuable takeaways, and will review it. Others are encouraged to read the book ahead of time, join in the discussion and review. Attendees are not obligated to read the “lit” in advance. At least 20 minutes of this meet-up will be chatting about the chosen book for the month. Book suggestions for future meetups can also be made.
  • Location: Milwaukee Public Market in Milwaukee, 400 N. Water Street – 2nd Floor.
Featured Venue

Showing Off the Milwaukee Area’s Finest Performance Spaces

  • FVs are typically held during the third week of the month.
  • We visit a particular venue in the Milwaukee area, allowing for said venue’s owner/operator to tell us about it, give a tour, etc. This venue could be anything from a classical performance space to bar or club to outdoor venue to student recital space.


    Featured Music Influencer

    Highlighting One of Our Own Who’s Accomplishing Great Things

    • FMIs are typically held on the first Sunday of each month, at 1:00 PM.
    • The featured guest will tell of how they got into the music business. He or she will be asked to discuss lessons learned along the way, life hacks they’ve discovered that make being a working musician easier, etc.
    • Location: 88.9 Radio Milwaukee in Milwaukee, 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave. Check the meetup site to be sure.


    Ask an Expert

    Musicians or Non, Spreading the Savvy

    • A/Es are typically held on the fourth Monday of each month, at 12:30 PM. Bring along your own lunch, or stop in to Sharehouse Goods and grab a snack/coffee on your way up.
    • A featured expert in a field relevant to those working in music will have a chance to tell about his or her expertise, how it pertains to the music industry, then fielding questions from attendees regarding their topic. Experts featured may come from the following backgrounds: legal, social media, accounting, web development, event management, etc.
    • Location: Sharehouse Goods in Milwaukee, 5507 W. North Ave. – use the red door on the right/front of the building – then head upstairs to the conference room.


    Many Thanks to Our Sponsors

    Get in Touch

    Do you have ideas for future meetups? Interested in being a Featured Music Influencer or Expert, or know someone who would be great? Would your business like to sponsor Music Biz & Banter?

    Let us know.